October 2020 - Gift Catalog

The Ringling Museum Was a Gift to the People of Florida

My report are on the sites below. I am spending time learning more about Economic Development in the region. Our efforts have been curtailed by the Covid-19 situation.

I am proposing a new project hat I would undertake and would like the Board's permission to develop. In the past I have often prepared a Gift Catalog for my communities. The idea is to promote the notion of giving gifts that will improve and enhance our community.

In Sarasota we have numerous examples of gifts that have substantially enhanced our region and helped our tourism industrty.  Selby Gardens, The Ringling Museum and Benderson Parks are great improvements for our region that were gifts by individuals. There are a number of great public art sculptures that have been donated. And at the less expensive end are park benches and trees, often donated with a plack to memorialize a loved one.  When we made our last trip to Israel our Sister Cities members purchased trees and planted them in the hills.

I explain how I would do this at: http://giftcatalog.blogspot.com/. I would develop the program on a blog, with a one page printed summary. I would approach the City of Sarasota to make sure they were open to receiving gifts and to get their thoughts about what gifts they would like to receive.

Some examples of photos of gifts that I took today.

I will market our services using our Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages. The blog will be the main focus, and we use the other sites to expand our reach.

Blog sarasotasistercities.com

Twitter twitter.com/#!/SarasotaSisterC

LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/sarasotasistercities

Facebook facebook.com/SarasotaSisterCities

Email sarasotasistercities@gmail.com

Our Economic Development Strategy is on the blog.


For assistance in locating or expanding your business in Sarasota or in one of our Sister Cities contact:

Craig Hullinger
941 312 1032

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