November 2020

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We have revamped the look of our sustainable economic development site can be found at:

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The city Commission has decided to retain our controversial statue on the Bayfront. The statue is controversial but is also a very popular tourist attraction.   

We completed the first draft of the Gift Catalog for Sarasota

We submitted it to the City Manager and Assistant City Manager of Sarasota. If they are interested we will refine and improve the blog to better reflect the gifts that Sarasota wants.  Of course the major expansion of Selby Gardens and The Bay are major gifts currently underway, and the Ringling Museum and Patriot Plaza are other great examples. 

At the other end of the spectrum are smaller gifts such as park benches and trees. The idea is to promote the notion of giving gifts that will improve and enhance our community. We have photos of the trees that Sarasota Sister Cities has given.

We are also developing another potential new economic 
development effort. The Ringling College for Art and Design has and oustanding animation program. We propose approaching them with an idea to develop animations aimed at children and their parents. Our thought is that the animation characters would be entertaining and teach children about "Green" Sustainability and promote tourism and economic development.

You can view a rough draft at the site below:

On that site we also have a link to a Google Document with a version of the proposal. You can edit and improve the proposal directly. Please do so.


Below are the trees that Sarasota Sister Cities have provided to the people of our Cities and our Sister Cities.


The Sister Cities Trees are located near the tip of Bayfront Park in downtown Sarasota.

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