March / April 2021 Report

Our Economic Development Reports can be found at

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Our sustainable economic development site is:

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Links to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and all of our blogs can be found on our website.

We have continued to discuss the potential Gift Catalog for Sarasota and the Animation Sarasota proposal with Economic Development officials. Will keep working the proposals.

We continue to monitor economic development projects in our city and region, and market our community when we can.

The following addresses are used by Sarasota Sister Cities 

The following blogs were used by Sarasota Sister Cities. Some of them 
are still in use today, others are of value for the history of the organization.

Sister City Blogs

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SARASOTA SISTER CITIES Sixty Years of Citizen Diplomacy

You can purchase the paperback bok for $10 from . Search for Sarasota Sister Cities. All profits go to Sarasota Sister Cities. T...